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Hassle-free integrated HRIS management for more streamlined business operations.

Our Solution

Simplifying your HR & Payroll system

Payroll processes and people management no longer have to be time and energy-consuming. With Gadjian, you can now easily manage your company operations through the cloud-based HRIS application. You can find different services and packages that suit your business needs the most with just one click away, including a freemium package.

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Monitoring your employees should be a breeze

Boost your team’s productivity effectively with Hadirr! Hadirr is an attendance management solution to oversee the performance of your mobile workers, remote employees & multi-branch offices. Hadirr uses geofencing and biometric face recognition technologies to provide users with convenience and accuracy.

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Retain your key talents and nurture a productive work-life balance environment

Payuung is a one-stop shop for all of your employee benefit needs. You can directly access benefit providers whose products range from employee loans, insurance, and training facilities to employee perks. All you need to create a happier, more productive workplace is here.

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Stick to your business, let Pegawe handle the rest

Pegawe provides payroll and HR administration services for your company at an affordable fee. Administrative tasks can be tedious and disruptive to your productivity, which is why Pegawe is here to help you focus on developing and growing your business.

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Most Practical Employee Attendance Solution for Efficient & Accountable Government

Baktiku helps Government Institutions in Indonesia to monitor employee attendance and official visits. The system is validated with technology in real time.

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Our Happy Client

Company History

Formed in 2008 and started from a modest office in Setiabudi, South of Jakarta, Fast 8 (PT Fatiha Sakti) was originally a custom software developer. The company is also offering Capital Market Fixed Income Trading System (FITS) software, which until now has been used by seven prominent securities companies in Indonesia, including BNI Securities, MNC Securities, and Maybank Kim Eng Securities.

In 2011, Fast 8 launched a human resources management software (HRIS) named HRD Helper, a web-based software which aimed for corporate users. Some of Helper HRD clients were Kehati Foundation, Bidakara Group, PT Modern Nickel, and King's Fisher. Since 2016, Fast 8 has launched a cloud-based SaaS HR application named Gadjian for SME and lean enterprise users, followed by other integrated applications such as Hadirr and Payuung.